We all nurture a passion but few translate it into action. A passion left unanswered results in a dry life; an act driven by passion can transform lives. This defines our journey and our dream which we have nurtred into this website “Youth Policy”.

Our country has a long history of youth-led movements that brought about significant social change. Young people have advocated for child labor laws, voting rights, civil rights, school desegregation, immigration reform and LGBT rights. Through their actions, the world has changed. Because young people often have the desire, energy and idealism to do something about the injustice they see in the world, they are powerful agents for change.

The purpose of “Youth Policy” is to ignite the sparks that will bring the change.



About Rachit

rachitRachit holds a B.Tech degree from IIT Delhi and MBA from IIM Calcutta. Neither too studious nor a workaholic, he believes in challenging the conventional beliefs and ideas. His actions speak louder than words. His gestures are befitting of a true leader. His smile radiates a gush of positivity.

Rachit considers internet to be a milestone achievement in human history and believes that there is still a lot that can be achieved with it. He is the brain behind “Youth Policy” and he aspires to lay a foundation of change that will revolutionize the thinking and actions of Indian youth.



About Nidhi

NidhiAfter graduating from Lady Shri Ram College for Women, Nidhi, at an early age got involved with the social sector. It all began with organizing free Health camps, blood donation camps for Children, women and senior citizens. As a Gandhi Fellow, she worked with government schools in rural Rajasthan, India for two years.

Nidhi is equally passionate about using technology to create positive social impact. She is the heart of “Youth Policy”. In her own words:

“Believe strongly in what you want to do. There will be challenges; there will be periods of change. Learn how to accept and balance them out.”