To create a society that seeks the opinion of young people. 

The policies drafted today, shapes the society of tomorrow, and the Youth are the biggest benefactors of these changes. It is crucial for this reason to make the Youth diligent actors in the policy framing process.

Governments, Civil Society & Multinationals alike are realizing the importance of making Youth a part of their policy Framework devising strategy; reflected in many Programmes & Initiatives of these entities. However, given various conditionalities, the Youth are only able to make a marginal contribution in the whole process and there is plenty scope for the Youth led Sector to create a deeper dent with their Ideas, Thoughts and Actions. Whether it’s the affect of changes in Education policy on students, the policies affecting minimum wages and labour law or if it’s something significant like the affect of environmental policy on the number of Mumbai to Delhi flights each day, we want the youth to be a part of it.

At Youth for Policy and Dialogue we focus to leverage this opportunity for the Youth. The inherent philosophy of the organization lies in the dual tenets of Dialogue & Public policy.  We develop Policy by involving young people into policy evaluation, creation & innovation. In doing this we create a Platform for the young to express theirs views, ideas & perspectives on various issues that daunt this country. Under the Dialogue initiative, we wish to organise Summits, Conferences & Conventions focused on our core areas.

All of the above activities are void if we don’t engage in Outreach and spread the discussion. We’ve developed a brand new Youth Policy mobile app. This app will work on any of the upcoming phones in India. We would engage in writing articles for newspapers, creating an interactive website, use social networks & engage with different stake holders in the Youth led Sector to develop a network that shuns isolation and recognised the Youth led Sector.


To involve young Indians into dialogue & public policy.


Policy: By creating a network of Young policy makers who innovate & comment on public policy. Under the different Initiatives, groups of passionate young researchers study different issues and formulate research papers, analyse the trends and events and promote informed debates.

Platform: By providing a platform to young people where they can express their ideas, opinions & perspectives. We provide a platform through a newsletter, capacity building programs etc.

Dialogue: By engaging the youth in round table discussions, conferences & other interfaces & develop a synergy. We engage in dialogue through monthly talks, lectures, internship programs , youth summits etc.

Outreach: By networking with civil society organizations, youth leadership forums, think tanks, and media. Our outreach efforts are to write Op-Ed pieces for media, holding an annual convention for youth leaders etc.


Youth for Policy and Dialogue was started by Bhanu Joshi in the year 2010. Youth for Policy and Dialogue is growing dynamically and has created a space for itself to bringing youth together for active interest in Public Policy and Dialogue on important issues faced by modern societies.

A glance at our organization-

-India’s first Think Tank of Young People.

-Part of the International G8/G20 Youth Network.

-Four Initiatives (International Relations, Skill Development, Climate Change, Economic & Finance) running.

-Engage with Youth networks, Governments & Civil Society groups to engage the Youth in different fora.

-Disseminate ideas from young people into newspapers & other media’s.

-A dedicated team of Part time & full time volunteers.


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